Seamless transitioning from one icon to another can be wonderfully produced with Lottie and makes for the perfect loaders and interactive animations. Get inspired by some of the animations created by these creative Lottie designers:

By Nattu Adnan
After Effects Keyframes Morph by Ision Industries
Icons morphing by Katarina Šeme
By Rafayel Yerknapeshyan
Morphing icons showing three key devices by Akiko
A morphing icon Lottie animation reflecting the journey of life by Yup Nguyen

By Lorenzo Maccio

By Daniele Colucci

By Makas
Lock Debit Card Morph Lottie animation by Ision Industries

A morphing Lottie animation can be a fun challenge for a Lottie animator. Why not try your hand at making your own and share it on LottieFiles for the world to see!