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A Loading Spinner slows down time. Here’s what you can use instead.

It’s like starring at a clock, constantly ticking...tik tok…it shows you the time you’re wasting...tik tok…and makes it pass by even slower than it seems,

Have you ever noticed that when you are deliberately starring at the clock, watching the seconds tick by that time slows down? Or how quickly it flies by when you’re having fun? This exact same thing happens when you look at a loading spinner on your screen. The loading spinner is the only thing standing between the user and where they want to go, and so they notice every turn of every millisecond stretched across infinity. It’s one of the surest and fastest ways of losing some of your best users.

But if you need to use an animation to buffer the time your users actually spend waiting — here are some alternatives we think can help your users notice time slip by a little less.

All of these animations are made with Lottie, so they’re sure to run smoothly on Web, Android, iOS and more.

Geometry by Miljan Micunovic (58KB).

ServisHero Loading by Nattu Adnan (76KB)

LEGO Loader by Chris Gannon (135KB)

Cloud loader v1 by Nic Grobler (7KB)

Loading circle by Paramesh Vadivel (4KB)

Loading by Luisa Fernanda Bolaños Beltrán (11KB)

Loader by Imran Khan (4KB)

Stick and ball by Krystof (5KB)

Square Drop Loader by Chris Gannon (63KB)

Ice cream animation by Weifeng (14KB)

Loading Semicircle by Shan (8KB)

Circle Loading by Paramesh Vadivel (2KB)

DNA loader by Jignesh Gajjar (591KB)

Inattentive by Al Boardman (28KB)

Dyslexia by Al Boardman (19KB)

Estimate by Al Boardman (28KB)

Customise the colours to fit your theme

If you use the Lottie editor to make any of the animations fit your product’s colour and theme. Just pick, edit and download — it’s as simple as that!

Use the Lottie Editor to customise the colours of your animation.

How to use these animations on your projects.

For web:

  • Follow the implementation guide:
  • If you want an easy way out, just use the embed code on Lottiefiles.

For Mobile

  • iOS:
  • Android:
  • React Native:

For Prototyping:

  • FramerX:

For tonnes of Free Animations and to test and privately share your animations with your colleagues, check out