Inspiration 10 Apr 2020  ■1 Comment

You Can't Quarantine Creativity

Inspiration 10 Apr 2020  ■1 Comment

While there are lots of designers out there who may be very used to working from home, as current circumstances evolve, more and more are forced to retreat indoors. No more co-working spaces, chic cafes or park benches under the trees; for many it will be the same four walls to eat, sleep and work in, hardly a conducive situation for creativity. But true creativity knows no bounds and we wanted to put together some simple tips to help anyone struggling to unleash their creative prowess during these unprecedented times.

1. Work somewhere that brews inspiration

Inspiration can be found everywhere in the world around us, from the shape of shadows that fall to how the birds outside dance with each other, there isn’t a single thing that can’t plant a seed for an idea that can blossom into a work of art. A lot of the time, creativity consists of merely turning up what is already there.

Photo by Jane Palash on Unsplash

Choosing where you work can be a huge contributing factor towards your creativity and thus your workflow. To maximise your exposure to inspiration, and as simple as it may seem, windows offer a view to the world around you. Constantly in motion affected by ever changing weather and light, it is one way to provide yourself some visual stimulus while working from home.

2. Take regular breaks to avoid creative fatigue

While of course everyone is different, many of us find monotony to be a killer of creativity. Sitting there glued to a project you’re working on while forcing yourself to be creative is a sure way for some to burn their creative tinder all at once. For most designers these things can’t be forced and regular breaks are great ways to restimulate the mind and get those juices flowing again.

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Take time for yourself and afford time for variation: make a cup of tea, pick up that book and read a few pages, have playtime with your dog, share a cheesy joke with your partner. If you’re finding it hard to maintain your creative flow, do a little something to trigger different emotions and let your focus shift to something new for a bit.

3. Stumped? Take a look at what other designers out there are doing

Photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash

Sat there with your head in your hands telling yourself you’ve got no creativity? Well firstly don’t let that voice talk to you like that and secondly, with the internet at your fingertips you have instant access to millions of creatives from all over the world all with their own unique styles. Look them up on platforms like Dribble, Behance, Instagram and even LottieFiles to get yourself some new ideas. We guarantee you that you’ll be able to find inspiration in the work of others, you just need to look for it.

4. Move around to get the energy flowing

Being a designer isn’t a particularly physical role, unlike a contemporary artist who may be able to throw themselves at a canvas or smother their bodies in paint, a designer is an artist of the digital world. The connection between the body and mind is undeniable, and for those of us who work for the most part in fairly stationary positions, it can help to take time to move. There is irony in the fact that most motion designers working probably aren’t moving nearly enough.

Photo by David Hellmann on Unsplash

Studies demonstrating the links between physical activity and creativity show an unequivocal relationship between the two. Finding time to make room for regular home exercises may just be the key to helping that mind of yours stay fantastically creative. And for those who being indoors may not be the most best environment for exercise, well what’s stopping you from blasting the music and having a dance around the room while no one’s watching? Time to release your brain’s happy chemicals!

5. Don’t fear the’s how we discover new things

Overthinking is bad enough in normal circumstances, but when you find yourself locked up inside and hyper-focused on a project, all the flaws seem much bigger and more dramatic than they usually would. It’s good to remember in times like these that while creativity and beauty manifests in perfection, it can also be seen in flaws. Allow yourself to meander from perfection and find creative inspiration from unexpected discoveries. Remember that creativity involves the breaking out of established patterns to allow for us to look at things in a different way.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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