How to make your app and website stand out this Christmas
Inspiration 06 Dec 2019  ■ Comments

How to make your app and website stand out this Christmas

As more and more apps and websites pop up, it can be increasingly difficult to create new and unique experiences for your users to help you stand out from the crowd.

While most users can expect websites and apps to stay fairly similar throughout, the festive season offers the perfect opportunity to get your web and mobile products to shine brighter than the rest with fun Lottie animations to enhance design.

How adding Christmas Lottie animations can positively impact UI and UX

Today in our fast paced and digitally diverse world, users can easily get bored with monotony and refreshing the look and feel of your product is a great way to keep things exciting and fun. Curiosity and entertainment are big reasons for users to return, so keeping things dynamic and fresh is key to this.

Evoking emotion is a way to embed the memory of your product further in the minds of your users. If a bad and uncomfortable user experience can cause users to have negative associations with a product, then the opposite is also true. And who wouldn’t want to spread the festive cheer?

One of the most famous examples of a brand that animates and adapts to the festive season is Google. We’ve all gone to use Google to search for things we need and seen the animated Google Doodles.

The surprising and spontaneous changes to the Google logo demonstrate a fantastic example of a brand taking something very ordinary and using it not just to entertain and amuse users but as a tool to remind users about upcoming and current events (it’s not a bad way to prompt you to remember that you need to start getting your Christmas shopping underway).

What you can do to make your product more festive

Let is snow, let it snow, let it snow! A super easy Lottie animation that can instantly spruce things up is making it snow either on your website or in your app.

You can learn how to make you apps snow with Lottie animations here for iOS apps and here for Android apps.

Typically loaders don’t tend to be the most thrilling for users but who says they have to be boring? Glittering Christmas trees, dancing Santas, and exploding presents can keep your users entertianed while your product loads... let’s face it, that's much more fun!

Some Lottie animations that could be used as loaders.

Leave no corner untouched, interactive sliders shouldn’t be left out so Christmasify those too!

How you can add festive animations to your websites and apps

If you create your own animations using Adobe After Effects, once you've converted them into Lottie file animations using the LottieFiles plugin you can upload them to LottieFiles and then easily implement them on web and mobile. Read up here on how to upload your animations to LottieFiles.

If you don’t create your own animations but you want to have Lottie animations in your websites or apps then you can choose from a wide selection of Lottie animations on LottieFiles.

We've made a couple here for you too. Many thanks to Vijay Verma for the illustrations that we've turned into funky Christmas Lottie animations.