A marketer is always on the lookout for the newest and most effective tools to enhance marketing for their brand and create the most engaging experience for their audience. With time, the platforms for marketing have evolved, and in the digital age, social media has grown to something beyond just liking your friends' pictures or wishing them on their birthdays.

Social media has become an integral part of everyone's life today, and this includes your existing and potential customers. As one of the fastest-growing digital advertising and branding tools, social media can be a complete game-changer for your brand if tapped correctly! Here we are with another blog to our DIY for Marketers Series. Today, we will look into how bringing motion to your social media can help boost your branding, engagement, and conversions. So let's get started!

Why should you leverage social media for your marketing?

  • Promotes products and services: Use different advertisement choices like the carousel to create a buzz or inform your audiences more about your products and services
Promotion animation by Asim Das
  • Creates brand awareness: It is challenging for the users to remember your brand in the market's endless competition. With brand awareness, imprint your brand name in your user's mind
Alert animation by Radi Radev
  • Builds relationships: Do what's done best on social media - build relationships, but this time with your consumers. Get to know you know your customers better and earn trust
Relationship animation by S M Rony
  • Works with a small budget: Social media is one of the least expensive ways to boost your brand's marketing. Use SEO content, trending keywords, advertising tools and get the most out of it
Budgeting animation by Asim Das
  • Boosts overall RoI: Target data-driven specific audiences with the possibility of low-budget advertising and increase your return on investments
Business Growth animation by Mahendra Bhunwal

Now that we know how important social media is to our marketing strategy, let's learn how to bring it to life with motion!

Adding motion to Posts on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instragram

The simplest way to add the magic of motion to your posts on Social Media, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, is here. We will share the example of adding motion to your LinkedIn post in this example.

  • Seach your Lottie animation of choice on LoffieFiles.com and download them as an MP4
Download a Lottie animation of your choice as MP4
  • Add the video you downloaded to your social post
  • Preview your video and add a thumbnail image if you'd like to. Then click Done
  • Top it off with a customized message for your audience and publish

It's that simple!

Adding motion to your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your existing customers and also generate new ones! They're quick, simple to create, and work wonders!

Here's how you can add motion to your Instagram Stories with LottieFiles:

  • Go to the LottieFiles app and search for an animation of your choice. Open the animation you like
  • Hit the share button
  • Select on Instagram Story to share
  • Allow start recording for the app to capture the animation

After this, you're set! Tweak and share the animation on your Instagram story and catch the eye of your audiences.

Here are the quick and easy ways to help any marketer add motion to their social media posts and stories and attract customers more than ever. What makes it fascinating is that anybody without any skills or designing or coding can now add motion to their marketing materials and create a solid and engaging message for their customers.