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How to upload your Telegram stickers to LottieFiles

Are you a Telegram sticker creator who enjoys sharing your designs with the world? Well LottieFiles gives you the perfect platform to showcase your Telegram sticker designs and let everyone know just who made them.

Here's how you upload your Telegram stickers to LottieFiles.

If you don't feel like reading, here's a video for you to watch instead.

Step 1

​ Make sure you are signed in to LottieFiles and then click Preview located at the top of the LottieFiles webpage.

Step 2

Once you've opened 'Preview' then click Test Telegram Stickers.

Step 3

Click Submit them here

Step 4

Fill in the name of your sticker pack. This is the slug that appears at the end of the standardized link for Telegram animated stickers, for exmaple you would type in lottie_files

And click 'Import'.

Step 5

Give your Telegram animated sticker pack import a nice description and hit 'Publish to LottieFiles'

And you're done!

Your animation will be approved and soon everyone will see what a creative genius you are.