Did you know that your animations on LottieFiles can be easily made in to animated telegram stickers? In this blog post you'll find out how! Surprise your friends with animations of them or create packs to share with the world, it's your choice!

Vinicius Faria Martins on LottieFiles: https://lottiefiles.com/user/519561


In order to create a Telegram Sticker, your Lottie animation must be in 512 x 512 pixels and should not be longer than 3 seconds. You will be prompted under the "Telegram Sticker Export (TGS)" section on the Lottie Editor if your animation does not meet these requirements.

Step 1: Open your animation in the Lottie Editor

To get started, open your public or private animation and click "Edit Animation" to open it on the LottieFiles Editor.

You can always follow the usual drag and drop way to upload a new animation to create as a Telegram sticker here - https://lottiefiles.com/preview.

Step 2 (Optional): Edit animation size and duration

Don't worry if the Lottie Editor alerts you that your animation is not in the correct size or duration! You can easily modify these parameters inside the Lottie Editor.

Step 3: Download your animation in .TGS format

Go to the panel on the right of the Lottie Editor and download your animation in .TGS format.

Step 4: Open Telegram and start a conversation with the Sticker Bot

Search for "Stickers" and start a conversation by typing /newanimated. Note that a few commands are going to be needed to get your animated stickers online. Follow the instructions given by the Sticker bot to continue.

Enter a name for your Telegram sticker pack. Then, drag and drop the .TGS file you have downloaded in the previous step.

Select an emoji that corresponds to your animation. If you want to have multiple animations in a pack, repeat the drag-and-drop process.

When you have enough animations in your pack, type /publish and give your pack a name and boom 💥

You can now send your very own animated stickers in Telegram!

What are you waiting for? Send your very own animated stickers to your friends and family today! Do share the Telegram stickers that you have created with us on our social channels!