An app is nothing without its users, and fundamental to this symbiotic relationship is ensuring that the user is clear on what is it that they are granting access to.

With data privacy coming under intense scrutiny, app creators come up with more effective ways to communicate user permissions.

We are giving away this free pack of device and user permission animations built with Lottie to help you design a better user experience.

The pack includes 9 Lottie Animations along with their Adobe After Effects source files (AEP). You can also download these animations as GIF / MP4 files.

  • Camera and Storage Permissions
  • Manage Contacts Permissions
  • Bluetooth Permissions
  • Touch ID or Fingerprint Permissions
  • Location Permissions
  • Microphone Permissions
  • Push Notifications Permissions
  • Storage Permissions
  • Voice assistant Permissions
  • WiFi Permissions
Use our Lottie Editor to customise the animations as you wish by changing colors, hiding individual layers or even updating the text to your very own (if the animation contains editable text).