Senior Engineer (OpenGL)

LottieFiles is fundamentally disrupting the nature of the creation and animation industry. Its core platform is used by users from over 62,000+ companies (Google, Disney, Bytedance, Grab etc to name a few).

On one side the company is building its core product and its tooling to save countless hours, and on the other hand it is pushing the limits on what's possible with an innovative file format called Lottie. More importantly LottieFiles is now the world’s largest community of designers, developers and marketers. It is a community of people who share a genuine passion and love for creation, and sharing that creation and that craft with others.

We are looking for a talented C++ developer with experience in OpenGL, D3D or Metal development.

Key responsibilities

  1. Develop applications centered around scene graphs
  2. Sweat over optimizations
  3. Develop mechanisms for porting applications to different platforms


  1. 3+ years of experience developing brilliant software in C++
  2. Developed at least one software that required a scene graph
  3. Demonstrable experience in OpenGL, D3D or Metal
  4. Demonstrate the creation of interfaces for interchanging complex data structures with shaders
  5. Demonstrate the application of transformation matrices for creating animation nodes for a scene graph
  6. Some experience with compiling C++ to WASM