Senior Marketing Lead

We are on a mission to empower designers and developers worldwide and are trying to fundamentally change the nature of creation and motion. LottieFiles has proven that relevant design assets and motion graphics evoke emotion and humanizes apps and platforms.

We have assembled one of the largest communities in our industry with over a million raving fans from over 65,000+ companies (Google, TikTok, Disney, Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix etc) who use our platform and tools every day to enhance their workflow and ship incredibly engaging content.

On average, a new lottie file is uploaded to the platform every 15 seconds. These assets range from simple animated icons to animated product onboarding and walkthroughs, system animations on smartwatches, interactive infographics for online publications, and countless other use cases across devices.

Lottie, a revolutionary format, can be best described as a movement, and LottieFiles is a company wrapped around it. By listening to the Lottie community, we’ve created a unique set of editing, workflow, and collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate with popular design software and developer environments such as Adobe After Effects, Figma, VS Code, and others. To make things easier for non-motion designers, users can take advantage of tons of free content available on our platform to get started too.

We are looking for a head of market to spearhead this revolution in motion and help us create a big brand in the design industry.

Key responsibilities

  1. Establish and execute a comprehensive marketing and a growth plan.
  2. Creating a go-to market strategy and experiment with various marketing channels (both organic and paid)
  3. Growth hacking user journeys based on data, key platform usage and deep customer feedback.
  4. Marketing new product releases and working with the design and tech teams to ensure product adoption and customer engagement.
  5. Working closely with the CTO and the CEO to decide positioning of the tech features for different customer profiles: designers, developers, marketers, and project managers.
  6. Build a team of community managers, customer support and be in a rapid loop with key stakeholders and different segments of platform users.
  7. Work on joint marketing case studies with the likes of Adobe, Microsoft etc.
  8. Build and execute a comprehensive community strategy and run communication across social media channels.
  9. Build and maintain key KPIs and marketing data dashboards.
  10. Work closely with content writers, designers, and technical writers to boost SEO and overall customer education initiatives.


  1. At least 10+ years in marketing and growth hacking across platforms.
  2. In depth practical understanding of brand positioning, social media marketing and key principles and techniques.
  3. Understanding of data and KPIs to make evidence-based decisions to contribute to growth.
  4. A passion for community driven platforms that genuinely solve a huge customer pain point and disrupt the industry.
  5. Past experience of working with a large scale consumer facing brands (preferred).
  6. Someone who has managed or run large scale marketing and community initiatives before (preferred)

Open Positions