Become a part of a revolution in Motion

LottieFiles aims to create the future of interactive design and is now the world’s largest community around Lottie animations, and design tools that help create and implement these animations.

Our Culture

We uphold company and individual team culture in high regard and believe it must be guarded and extended by every new member of the team.

  • High performance

    We understand that a culture of high performance must be sustained over a long period. You will find our team members encouraging one another to take mandatory time off, cool off after a high-stress release, use gym membership to its fullest, and often engage in nonwork meals & meetups.

  • Open candid communication

    We understand that candid feedback and conversations must always come from a place of love, care, and compassion for one another. At LottieFiles, there is a safe space for all, open communication lines at all organization levels. You are highly encouraged to share feedback, challenge the status quo, acknowledge and appreciate hard work by others.

  • A ton of fun

    We don't take ourselves too seriously, or at least we try :) Happiness and joy are core to a strong culture of productivity. As an animation tech company, there is an expression of fun in what we do. We deeply care about the aesthetics of what we put out, the design of your workspace both at home and at work, the Friday virtual gaming, Middle Eastern feasts, rituals, or the water games at company team offsites.

  • "We Lottie You"

    is a common phrase you will find used across chats, emails, and random gifts and notes shared within the team. There is a genuine regard for diversity, each other's skills, personality, and cultures. At LottieFiles, we nurture a culture of gratitude, kindness, humility, and appreciation for sheer hard work.

    We believe in co-elevation and amplifying each other's success.

  • Leave a legacy

    "Great leaders build great processes." Given the complex nature of what we do, thorough documentation and outlining a clear and concise process is second nature to all senior leaders and techies. Our goal is to change the fundamental nature of the design and animation industry.


  • Flexible working hours & remote working

    At LottieFiles, you will find colleagues with diverse cultures, working styles, different peak productive schedules, early risers, and night owls. Hence we follow Flexi working hours across the board.

  • A competitive salary

    We believe in hiring the best of the best and in offering above market comparable salary benchmarks. Salary reviews at LottieFiles are based on performance and team contributions and not a yearly review.

  • Mandatory time off

    We highly encourage you to take at-least three weeks of compulsory time off in a given year. We follow an unlimited time-off policy; you decide when's best for you to take that much needed time off and come back refreshed and inspired to do your best work.

  • Amazingly talented & fun colleagues

    As an animation tech company, We believe animations are a true expression of fun, color, joy, emotions, and, most notably, the spirit of life. We try to inject these feelings into our work culture each day. We take our time finding the right people who'd fit and thrive in such an environment.

  • Unlimited learning budget

    A critical element of our culture is co-elevation. While we all come together to do the best work we can, we acknowledge the solo growth and learning time is essential. We have an unlimited budget for books, online learning, mental fitness apps, or any other subscription of your choice.

  • A mission-driven company

    We are on a mission to revolutionize the animation and creation industry. We believe we have a phenomenal product and a raving community on our side to help us fundamentally change the nature of the game. If we succeed in what we have put forth to do over the next few years, we would have had a ton of fun and created a legacy.