Food Icons Pack

This pack contains many different icons on the themes of food, fast food, restaurant. Perfect for the application or any kind digital content. You can easily change colors, line widths or animations.

After Effects source Files included
Built with Bodymovin v 5.5
Lottie JSON files included
Compatible with iOS, Android & Web
Bottled Beer
Wine Icon
Coffee Icon
Draft Beer
Drinks Icon
Cocktails Icon
Dinner Icon
Cooking Icon
Chicken Icon
Fish Icon
Steak Icon
Salt Icon
Spice Icon
Ice Cream Icon
Egg Icon
Pizza Icon
Cheese Icon
Cherry Icon
Berries Icon
Watermelon Icon
Pear Icon
Apple Icon
Grape Icon
Hot Dog Icon
Bacon Icon
Donut Icon
Tacos Icon
Burger Icon
Chinese Food Icon
Popcorn Icon
Fries Icon
Sushi Icon
Omelette Icon
Noodles Icon
Ketchup Icon
Cappuccino Icon
Jam Icon
Sausage Icon
Soup Icon