Impossible Geometry

A premium collection of impossible geometry animations. Perfect for loading screens or simply use them as mesmerizing design elements. Each animation is made up entirely of 2D shape layers, but gives the illusion of endlessly twisting 3D geometry.

After Effects source Files included
Built with Bodymovin v 5.5
Lottie JSON files included
Compatible with iOS, Android & Web
Impossible Ring
Impossible Infinity - V1
Impossible Infinity - V2
Impossible Infinity - V3
Penrose Triangle - V1
Penrose Triangle - V2
Penrose Triangle - V3
Penrose Triangle - V4
Impossible Pinched Oval - V1
Impossible Pinched Oval - V2
Impossible Pinched Oval - V3
Impossible Pinched Oval - V4
Impossible Square - V1
Impossible Diamond
Impossible Square - V2