Simple animated UI Icon pack 1

This my first pack, so I'm starting with a simple Icon pack that can be used on a whole project. Don t hesitate to ask for a specific icon if missing. This is the light version their will be a bold version. Future packs coming up. 😙😃

After Effects source Files included
Built with Bodymovin v 5.5
Lottie JSON files included
Compatible with iOS, Android & Web
Scan animation 1 (Straight)
Scan anim3 barcode (extra Rounded)
Play Pause Outlines
Switch (Without background)
Switch (With background)
Fingerprint In (Organic)
Fingerprint In
+ | More | Add (With outlines)
+ | More | Add (Without outline box)
Scan animation 2 (Rounded)
Scan animation 2 (Straight / Butt )
Scan animation 3 (Straight / Butt )
Scan animation 1 (Rounded)
Scan animation 3 (Rounded)
Check | Validation | Ok (Simple UI icon pack)
Fingerprint In + check mark
Fingerprint in + Goes to a Color as validation
Send + Check (Sent) Message, form, mail
Send - Message - contact - Form - mail