Simple Shape Loaders

A collection of premium loaders made up of circles, squares and other simple shapes.

After Effects source Files included
Built with Bodymovin v 5.5
Lottie JSON files included
Compatible with iOS, Android & Web
Ball and Platforms Loader
Ring Blob Loader
Stacking Shapes Loader
Squiggle Ball Loader
Portal Ball Loader
2 Orbiting Dots Loader
3 Orbiting Dots Loader - V1
3 Orbiting Dots Loader - V2
3 Orbiting Dots Loader - V3
Dot Cluster Loader
4 Springy Dots Loader
4 Pulsing Dots Loader
Winding Paths Loader
4 Dot Shuffle Loader
Infinity Loader
Bouncing Balls Loader
Squishy Blocks Loader
Springy Blocks Loader
Rigid Blocks Loader
Shifting Blocks Loader
Bouncing Cube Loader
Bouncing Cubes Loader
Pixel Square Loader - V1
Pixel Square Loader - V2
Pixel Square Loader - V3
Colorful Line Array Loader
Pulsing Dot Array Loader
Spiral Dots Loader
Sliding Dot Loader
Colorful Ring Loader