Security at LottieFiles

Security at LottieFiles
Security at LottieFiles
Security at LottieFiles

At LottieFiles, we are dedicated to serving our customers better by prioritizing their data security. We have implemented a variety of measures to safeguard our users and their data.

SOC 2 Aligned Security to Safeguard Your Data

SOC 2 Aligned Security to Safeguard Your Data

SOC 2 Aligned Security to Safeguard Your Data

SOC 2 Aligned Security to Safeguard Your Data

Encryption at Transit and Rest

We leverage HTTPS/TLS across our platform to ensure data is secure while in transit and  advanced encryption standards like AES-256 for data at rest.

Data Security

We store your data with AWS, a trusted cloud provider with robust physical security controls. Only authorized personnel and systems can access the necessary data.

Access Control 

Our access management policy ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive areas of our infrastructure.

Secure Development Practices

We conduct peer reviews and tests on our code before release, including manual and automated checks for potential security issues.

Resilient and Monitored 

Our platform is closely monitored for potential incidents through advanced threat detection, logging, and alerting systems.

GDPR Compliance 

We comply with global privacy requests, including the rights and obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Security Audits

We conduct regular internal and third-party vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Additionally, we use various code analysis and dependency analysis tools to ensure our systems remain secure.

Employee Training & Awareness

We conduct regular security awareness training for all employees, focusing on best practices, threat awareness, and the importance of data protection. Our goal is to create a security-conscious culture where every team member plays an active role in safeguarding our users' data.

Rapid Incident Management

Our comprehensive Incident Response Plan (IRP) outlines procedures for efficiently detecting, responding to, and recovering from security incidents. We regularly update and test our IRP to ensure readiness in the event of a breach or threat.

Frequently asked questions

Is LottieFiles hosted on a cloud platform?

Yes, LottieFiles primarily utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for most of our infrastructure. We also use Cloudflare to serve content.

Does LottieFiles use customer data for its own needs?

We collect and store anonymised analytical and behavioural data to identify potential issues and guide our product development. We do not use customer data for any other purposes.

How does LottieFiles ensure data encryption?

To maintain the security of your data, we employ measures such SSL/TLS encryption for data in transit and AES-256 for encryption at rest.

What measures does LottieFiles take to ensure secure development practices?

We employ a comprehensive process that includes peer reviews, manual checks, automated testing for security issues, and staged releases to ensure our code is secure before it's deployed.

What is LottieFiles' approach to role-based access control within the platform?

We provide different roles for users within LottieFiles, allowing controlled access to specific resources based on their assigned roles.