Boo! The spookiest holiday of the year is just around the corner - Monday, 31 October.  Fun fact: Halloween originates from an ancient Celtic festival where costumes are worn to ward off ghosts, as bonfires are lit. These days, its celebrations are still in motion but Halloween costumes are worn to parties and trick-or-treating.

Nevertheless, Halloween remains a time for brands to churn out special promotions - any brand loves a theme for their tacticals. Halloween is especially festive in the United States with 69% of Americans planning to celebrate, while the spending total is expected at $10.6 billion. We really do love our Halloween -  depending on where you live in the world, some countries have neighborhoods fully decorated on this night for trick-or-treat festivities!  

So, if you are a designer that is looking for free Halloween animations as a greeting, or to support your company’s Halloween-themed plans - you’re at the right place.

Alternatively, if you are looking for animations for personal use, we’ve got you covered as well with Lottie animations that you can use in your social media, online Halloween greetings, email newsletters, website, mobile app, and any other platforms out there.

You can also customize each of these animations to match your color theme with the Color Palette feature and Lottie Editor. The best part? You don’t have to be a designer to use Lottie animations.

Halloween animations for greetings

It’s always a good idea to post a Halloween greeting considering the large number of people that celebrate the festivities.

If you are sending personal wishes to your friends or family, you can create Telegram stickers with the Lottie Editor. You can also download these Halloween greetings in GIF form that you can send on messaging apps.

We also encourage you to download our LottieFiles Keyboard for Android and iOS where you can search through our free animations and instantly send them on your chats.

1. "Halloween Text Loading" by Tam Doan

2. "Happy Halloween 2021" by Jignesh Gajjar

3. "Halloween animation" by Md Mostafizur Rahman

4. "Happy Halloween" by Truong Phuong

5. "Happy Halloween" by Catwork

6. "Happy Halloween" by Akash Ranjan

7. "Happy Halloween" - Frankie by Tom Fabre

8. “Happy Halloween Greeting Animation” by Shourya Gupta

9. “Spooky Status” by Muhammad Yasir Ismail

10. “Crazy Halloween” by Ridwan Ridun

11. "Little Spider" - Halloween by Tom Fabre

Halloween food animations

Halloween is not just about the costumes, but a large part of it is made up of food - candy, to be exact.  So, of course, we had to include food animations in this list.

We think these would work great to dress up your website - especially if you were an online store specializing in selling food.

12. "Bones Potion" by Jean-Jacques Soumbou

13. "Halloween Cauldron" by Akash Ranjan

14. "Halloween - Bottle of Poison" by Tom Fabre

15. "Halloween Candy" by Jerio

16. "Halloween Ghost and Candy" by Tam Doan

17. “Trick or Treat Pumpkin” by Tristan Badart

18. “Halloween” by Ucilucil

19. “Trick or Treat Candy Ghost” by LottieFiles

20. “Treat Or Treat Frankenstein” by Tristan Badart

Halloween Pumpkin animations

Could we really make a list of free Halloween animations and not include a section specifically for pumpkins? Of course not. Pumpkins have long been a symbol of Halloween, with many carving the fruit into what we know as jack-o'-lanterns.

But did you know that this tradition originated from an Irish folktale about a man known as Stingy Jack? According to legend, he tried to trick the Devil, and in return the Devil barred him from entering the realm of hell upon his death. Instead, the Devil sent him into the night with burning coal, which he placed into a carved turnip. He is said to still be haunting on this Earth, and later, the Irish referred to him as Jack of the Lantern, which has been altered to what we know it as today.

Anyway, here are some free pumpkin animations that would work great to complement your Halloween projects. Because what is a Halloween design without a pumpkin?

21. “Halloween Pumpkin Black Cat” by Tam Doan

22. “Wicked Witch Jack-O-Lantern” by Brian Karungani

23. “Swinging Halloween Ball” by Umer Khawer

24. “Jack-O-Lantern, Halloween Pumpkin” by Sachin

25. “Happy Halloween” by Sadjad

26. “Halloween” by Haligul Jaman

27. “I Love Halloween” by Wanda Arca

28. “Halloween” by Ivhonglu

29. “Halloween Mode - Power On! (Simple Version)" by Jacopo Castellano

30. “Halloween Walking Pumpkin” by Ada.Motion

Witches, ghosts, ghouls and other monsters

Halloween is associated with all sorts of freaky, creepy, and frightening elements. Witches, ghosts, and other monster characters are the common theme for Halloween costumes - the scarier, the better.

You can use free animations of these scary personalities to design any banners, emails, social posts and more. You could also use these to create stickers for messenger apps together with your branding to send to your chats on, just for Halloween.

31. “Halloween Time” by Nawfal Jean

32. “Halloween Pumpkin” by Verbose TechLabs LLP

33. “Ghosts to Halloween” by Dmytro Rohoznyi

34. “Halloween Clown” by Sanca Faroga

35. “Halloween Witch Cooking Potion” by Abdul Latif

36. “Halloween Witch and Broom” by Tam Doan

37. “Ah! A Ghost!” by Spencer Lalonde

38. “Another Glass of Potion Was Superfluous” by Artem Peretrukhin

39. “Scary Ghost” by Manoj Kumar

40. “Dancing Pumpkin Meme” by Eugene Croquette

41. “Frankenstein’s Monster” by LottieFiles

42. “Werewolf” by Alexandre Jourquin

43. “L’Exorciste” by Enora Rosewood

44. “It_Animation” by Raphaël Desjouis

Bats, black cats, spiders and other creepy crawlies

Let’s dive deeper into the dark world! When you think of Halloween decor or designs, you may associate it with elements such as cobwebs and other creepy crawlies.

Another fun fact for you: according to the Celtic traditions associated with Halloween, bonfires are burnt, attracting bugs and bats (who like to eat the bugs).

With that, here are some animations to go with that narrative, or simply to make your design extra spook-tacular.

45. “Cat at Halloween” by Muhammad Yasir Ismail

46. “Halloween Bats” by Ridwan Ridun

47. “Halloween” by Mikhail Voloshin

48. “Halloween Cute Smiley Ghost” by Akash Gupta

49. “Halloween Flying Ghost Loading” by Tam Doan

50. “Bleh Bleh Bleh” by Viraj Nemlekar

51. “Spider” by Pavlo Monakhov

52. “Loading_Spider” by Raphaël Desjouis

53. “Spooky Spiders” by Asim Das

54. “Battransitons” by Diego PerMar

Browse through all of our Halloween-themed free Lottie animations

That’s not all! We have got so much more Halloween animations if nothing here matches what you are looking for. If you would like to browse through our full library of Halloween animations, you can check all free Lottie animations here.

If you’re worried about Lottie animations slowing down your page load time, rest assured, Lottie animations are around 600% smaller compared to GIFs. Apart from the usual platforms such as websites and social media, you can even add Lottie animation to daily tools such as Notion, Medium, WordPress, Reddit and Ghost!

If you need help adding Halloween animations to your work, or how to use Lottie animations, here are some additional resources to read:

Additionally, you can head over to Iconscout’s library of Halloween design assets here for icons, vector illustrations and 3D illustrations.

With that, we wish you a Happy Halloween!