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The Lottie Community opens doors to everyone interested in motion design, especially Lottie animations. Join us in an inclusive and diverse environment, where you can learn new skills in Lottie animations and meet local designers, developers and creators with similar interests in motion, virtually or in person.

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My aim for the motion community is to spread knowledge and expertise with my fellow designers and build a platform for other motion designers to showcase their best practices and grow as a community.

Tildem Tokdemir

Tildem Tokdemir

Lottie Community Organizer, Izmir

Lottie has raised the bar of what we can accomplish with motion on any digital platform, and I'd like to help innovate and elevate the endless possibilities for Lottie and the entire motion community.

Brock Prescott

Brock Prescott

Lottie Evangelist, USA

I want to create an inclusive environment where everyone interested in motion can learn, grow and work together to put out their best work.

David Chuka

David Chuka

Lottie Community Organizer, Lagos

I believe that to be a better animator, you need to take inspiration from the best, practice as much as possible and not give up until the result looks perfect.

Eden Raymond

Eden Raymond

Lottie Evangelist, Israel

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