Let's work together

LottieFiles aims to create the future of interactive design and is now the world’s largest community around Lottie animations, and design tools that help create and implement these animations.

We are a tech platform that leverages the animation format Lottie to enhance an animators and creators workflow. The platform consists of set of tools neatly stitched together for designers and engineers to be able to create, test and implement an animation across web, windows and mobile devices.

Our Audience

The design and animation community is a close knit community of passionate individuals who are constantly pushing the limit of what’s possible with interactive design, they love to share their perspectives and strive towards solving business challenges and product strategy with design.

While engineers who use the platform are constantly looking for the best solutions and tools to create efficiency gains and enhance their workflow. They deeply care about the product’s intrinsic value and what benefits they can extract in the easiest way possible.

Our Culture

Our team is scattered across two locations: our HQ is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and houses a team of 7 engineers and 3 core founders working in a large private office space at WeWork, we also have a few motion designers who work remotely across Europe.

The team consists of serial entrepreneurs, senior engineers and some really talented designers. We love to eat out at least once a week, share the love for coffee and staying up late, test our sense of humour at least a few times a day and openly talk about all aspects of the business and strategy once a week.

Open Positions