Hamburger menus are icons that are served to you almost everywhere. Found on both web and mobile, these common icons can easily be turned into microanimations adding bit of movement and bringing things a little more to life. Here are some Lottie hamburger menu animations by the LottieFiles community to inspire you (and a lot of these ones also come with their original AEP file so you can see the inner workings of how these animations are made in After Effects)!

A more literal hamburger menu by Nathan Covert
A robot arms hamburger menu button by Ilya Gusinski
Three toned colored hamburger menu by Michael Foster
Smashing particles hamburger menu by Ilya Gusinski
Menu loading by dBlazing: Branding & Web Development
Open and close hamburger menu by Victor Winnhed
Hamburger menu opening and closing by Austin Schulenburg
A hamburger menu animation LottieFiles made for Movember
A hamburger menu Lottie animations that's really out of this world by Ilya Gusinski
Open and close hamburger menu by Korhan Ulusoy
Hamburger menu to arrow transition animation by LottieFiles

We hope these hamburger menu Lottie animations have tickled your appetite to create a delicious one of your own. Get creative, upload and share it with the LottieFiles community today!

Check out how to embed an animated hamburger menu into a responsive webpage header by taking advantage of Lottie Player with this easy to follow tutorial.