You will have seen her designs all over the LottieFiles website and our social media channels. Sharon doesn't just helps us make LottieFiles look and feel better, her work also helps us visually communicate messages to our users too.

Tell us what it is you do here at LottieFiles

I’m the ‘beautician’ and visual storyteller, the Visual Designer here at LottieFiles. I work on various projects such as illustration, print, animation, video, and all sorts of visual assets related to social media and marketing. It’s a great experience to be able to explore multiple assignments using different mediums; I don’t get bored because I’m never doing the same thing.

A piece I created for LottieFiles to subtly show what users can do with it.

Most of my work here at Lottiefiles involves taking the time to digest the message we want to send out and idea for the creative. This part of the process helps me create visual designs that deliver the right message, as well as piece together the idea in a way that makes sure for that perfect look and feel aesthetically.

How did you end up in a career in design?

I’m born and raised in Malaysia. As a kid, I always loved to draw and got a lot of guidance and encouragement from my family, especially my father. Eventually, my interest turned into passion, and I went on to study Graphics and Advertising.

After graduation, I joined one of the biggest publishing houses in Malaysia where I collaborated as a graphic designer on projects with brands such as those in the airline industry, world-known cosmetic brands, and some big malls. After spending five years there, I got an offer at a place in Singapore where I spent four years as Art Director for FnB publishing house. During these four years, I explored multiple roles: food stylist, art director, photographer, videographer, and even animator. After moving on from the publishing line, I joined an advertising and branding agency back in Malaysia, which I saw as an opportunity to try something out of my comfort zone.

The greatest thing that I’d say I’ve gained throughout my career are the priceless experiences that have become very much a part of my growth process. I have faced a lot of challenges, but each time I manage to figure out a way past them, I’ve learned even more. I wasn’t handed the answers to figure things out, but overcoming these things throughout my career has made me the person I am today.

Design isn’t just all about beauty, it is also about market relevance, simplified complexity, the message, and problem-solving. It has helped me boost more skills than I realise, and I’ve definitely learned to always be open to advice and feedback, and taking a step back whenever you are lost.

One of the most important things must not be forgotten, is the impact of my teammates on the work I create because designs are rarely ever done alone. They are the best supporters throughout my career journey as we share and develop ideas together. And more importantly, friendship is the most valuable thing that I find I gain from them.

What is it about design that made you want to pursue it as a career?

When I chose to pursue a career in design, I had to reframe how I saw things. I needed to see things in a completely new light when I walk down the street. I started to find inspiration in everything I saw and did, always trying to approach things from a new perspective to encourage myself to get out there and to keep on discovering new things.

What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind for those working as designers?

Work smart and play hard; always have a thirst for knowledge. Our field is ever-evolving, and as designers, there’s always more to learn.

What's your advice to anyone wanting to go into a career in design?

Follow your heart and live your passions. Love what you do and work hard. Life is about exploration, growth, and learning. There is no such thing as failure but only meaningful experiences that will guide your path for years to come. Preparation, humility, and consistent hard work always pays off in the end.

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