You’ve got the creativity and talent needed to make great Lottie animations, so why not do what you love and earn while doing it?

The LottieFiles Marketplace is a space for Lottie designers to sell their animations at prices that they themselves set. People looking for high-quality Lottie animations can browse through some of the best work on LottieFiles here and get animations from matching sets to use on their websites and mobile apps.

1. Apply to join the LottieFiles Marketplace

Before you can start selling you need to apply. Think of it like any job application, you will need to show LottieFiles your best work, to give an idea of the type of animation quality you’ll likely produce for the Marketplace.

When you apply, make sure you’ve got:

  • a LottieFiles account
  • at least 5 public animations available on LottieFiles on your account
  • a portfolio of work to further showcase your animation abilities

Apply here

2. Get approved

Here at LottieFiles, our team goes through all applications to the Marketplace one by one, and this process can take up to 7 working days before you get a response from us.

Once your application has been approved, you’ll receive and email from us, along with an agreement of terms and conditions that you’ll need to sign and send back to us before you can begin selling.

If your application isn’t approved we will inform you by email, but please don’t be disheartened, work on your skills as a Lottie designer and then reapply again once you feel ready.

3. Create your pack

An animation pack on the Marketplace must include at least 5 Lottie animations in JSON file format, accompanied by the AEP source file.

When creating animations for your pack, we recommend ensuring that you name your animation layers thoroughly. This is because it will be easier for whoever purchases your animation and then wishes to change layer colors on the Lottie Editor, or edit the animation via the AEP file.

Speaking of the AEP file, it’s good practice to make sure the name of your file matches the name of your animation, not only for the person buying your animation but also for yourself to ensure you don’t accidentally add the wrong AEP file to the wrong animation (it’s happened to sellers in the past, so that’s one way to avoid it).

There’s no right or wrong to the type of designs you include in your pack. Some like to have animations that match in terms of design, some like to have animations that match in terms of purpose. It really is up to you.

4. Upload to LottieFiles

To upload to your Marketplace pack, these are the steps to follow:

Go to your LottieFiles Dashboard

Select the Marketplace tab located in the top left

Select Add Pack to create a new pack

Input the title and description of your pack, and select whether you want your animations to be displayed as medium or large icons (don’t worry if you make a mistake or can’t decide, these can all be changed later before you publish your pack).

Hit the Add Pack button.

Add your Lottie animations to this pack by selecting Add Animation and then adding the JSON file.

Once uploaded, select Continue to input the details of this individual animation. Make sure to include relevant tags so that people can easily find your animation when they’re browsing through search.

Upload your animation’s AEP file and decide on what price you want to set for that particular animation.

Upload a cover video to your pack. This cover that will usually be the first time buyers see your pack so it is wise to include your best animations from the pack in this video.

This is how your video will appear on the LottieFiles Marketplace.

5. Publish and wait for your packs to be approved

Once you’ve added all the animations you wish to have in your pack, change the status from Draft to Ready To Publish, and select Update Pack.

The LottieFiles team will then manually go through all Marketplace packs that are ready to publish and publish them. This is usually pretty quick during the working week, but do expect some delay if your pack is ready over the weekend.

6. Start marketing your pack

Share your snazzy new pack on places like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and wherever else you want so that more people can see it. If you tag LottieFiles we can help reshare your post!

What are you waiting for then? Start selling on the LottieFiles Marketplace today!