Adobe XD is a UI/UX design and collaboration tool with a strong user base. The tool allows users to create anything from smartwatch apps to full-fledged websites, and now it also supports Lottie animations natively.

Why Motion in Design matters

Motion in design is the way forward, and the whys are innumerous! It is a crucial part of contemporary user-interface design and builds better narratives through the user experience. Motion creates a sequence, guides users through the product, and provides a compelling opportunity for visual storytelling. From the state change in small buttons to elaborate designs that heighten the aesthetics, motion is the key to creating an immersive UI/UX design.

LottieFiles for Adobe XD

LottieFiles has been a flagbearer of motion in every aspect of design. We are focused on developing technologies to simplify the design workflow and make designing with motion accessible to all. Similarly, Adobe has enabled creators to create magic in motion with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of creator apps.

The super cool video you see above has lots of Lotties in its making, and we decided to let you have them all and play around with them! Grab all the related Adobe XD and Adobe After Effects files  here.

While developing our plugins for Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects, we were amazed by the enthusiasm of the teams at Adobe we worked with closely. We couldn't wait to get our hands dirty and build our plugin for Adobe XD, completing the loop of creating motion design. After the success of our plugins for Animate and After Effects (with nearly 200K downloads) plugin, we're excited to present you with LottieFiles for Adobe XD.

Here's how our newest plugin simplifies designing with Adobe XD:

Create Prototypes just like the Final Product

Remember how prototypes looked with stock images and placeholders? You had to explain to stakeholders how it would look in the final product and leave it to their imagination. Well, that's in the past now! With our new plugin and recently released native Lottie support in XD, you can add animations from LottieFiles to your prototypes and make them look just like the finished output.

Add animations from LottieFiles to your prototypes in Adobe XD

Bridge the gap between Adobe After Effects and Adobe XD

Have you always wanted to use the Lottie animations created in Adobe After Effects in your product design but had no way to access them? LottieFiles for Adobe XD is that bridge that helps you move your animations seamlessly from After Effects to XD and consume them in your XD artboards! Utilizing motion design across your favorite tools has never been simpler!

Bridge the gap between Adobe After Effects and Adobe XD

Instant Preview

Whenever we add motion to our design, we must ensure that it works smoothly and goes well with the overall design. With our plugin for XD, drag and drop your Lottie animations and preview them right within Adobe XD, both on the web and mobile! Providing an instant preview of the animations directly in the design is a great advantage for users. Get your designs right the very first time!

Instant preview of Lottie Animations within AdobeXD

Explore the World's Largest Collection of Free Animations

An intelligent design process includes using readily available resources, and when it comes to Lottie animations, LottieFiles is the ultimate destination. Browse from thousands of high-quality and scalable free Lottie animations to add to your designs and make them pop! Whether for aesthetics, functionality, or both, the LottieFiles library has one for every imaginable scenario!

LottieFIles-World's Largest Collection of Free Animations

Access Your Private Lottie Animations

Access to all your private Lottie animations goes a long way in optimizing the design workflow. You will never have to step out again! Find everything you need to add motion design to your UI/UX prototypes, right within Adobe XD!

Access Your Private Lottie Animations within Adobe XD

There are tons of awesomeness you can unlock in Adobe XD with LottieFiles for Adobe XD. So what are you waiting for?