Creating animations often hinges on having the best design elements—traditionally, this meant relying on skilled designers to create vector illustrations or spending countless hours sifting through design libraries to find the exact assets you need.

But what if there was a way to generate the ideal design you envision instantly, with just a simple text prompt? Enter the AI Prompt to Vector plugin for Lottie Creator.

The power of generative AI

The AI Prompt to Vector plugin is powered by generative AI and is set to revolutionize the way animators and designers work.

By harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge models like SDXL and Dall-E 3, the AI Prompt to Vector plugin allows you to generate intricate, animation-ready vector designs from plain text descriptions.

By enabling you to generate the exact design elements you need on-demand, this plugin eliminates the traditional bottlenecks in the animation workflow.

These models, trained on vast datasets, can interpret text prompts and generate corresponding visual elements. But what truly sets this plugin apart is its ability to convert the model's output from raster images into vector graphics—ensuring that the designs generated maintain their quality and clarity, while being ready to be tweaked and animated.

Additionally, the AI Prompt to Vector plugin for Lottie Creator is built on a commitment to user privacy and ethical AI use. We can clarify that no content uploaded is used to train or fine-tune our models.

Transform text into animation: how it works

With support from one to 60 words per prompt, designers have the freedom to be as specific or broad as they like, enabling endless creative possibilities.

Here are the steps:

  1. Launch Lottie Creator.
  2. Head to the sidebar and open the AI Prompt to Vector plugin.
  3. Type in your prompt and choose a type.

You can also check out sample prompts in the plugin for instant creative inspiration.

Multiple styles to choose from

There are several types of graphics that you can choose from. Each style caters to a wide range of creative needs, from branding and user interface design to storytelling and character illustration.

These are five styles to choose from.

  1. Flat Icon: This style is the essence of simplicity and clarity. This style generates vector graphics with bold and unambiguous shapes. It is ideal for web and mobile interfaces as flat icons communicate concepts and features with straightforward visual language.
  2. Basic Logo: These logos offer clean and minimalist logo designs. They are characterized by their simplistic forms and often use geometric shapes or abstract representations.
  3. Illustrated Scene: Animate with rich, detailed compositions that tell a story or set a scene. This style can generate anything from serene landscapes to bustling city scenes, offering a wide range of expressive possibilities.
  4. Basic UI Icon: This focuses on the essential elements required for user interface design. These icons are designed to be intuitive and functional, ensuring users can easily navigate and interact with digital environments.
  5. Humaaans Illustration: This brings vector representations of people in various activities, styles, and settings. This style captures the diversity and dynamism of human figures, making it perfect for projects that require a personal touch or wish to reflect human diversity.

Sparking ideas: Sample prompts and creations

Sometimes a little inspiration can provide the spark you need to bring your visions to life. To help you get some inspo, check out what these creative minds have created!

Mandy (@mandysasaaa) creates a fun cat animation using AI Prompt to Vector.
Kelly (@kelly_thepotato) creates a cute duck using AI Prompt to Vector.
Viraj Nemlekar (@virajNemlekar) generates a quick wifi unicon. 
Kenneth Mahakim (@kenmahakim) creates a furry friend using AI Prompt to Vector.

Want to try it? We’ve listed some sample prompts below for you to try:

  • “A playful puppy chasing its tail, with a wagging tail and floppy ears”: Perfect for an animated loading icon or fun scene to add personality to your projects.
  • "A rocket ship blasting off into space, with stylized flames and a retro design": Generate an eye-catching logo or intro animation to build excitement for a new app or tech product launch.
  • "A modern, geometric take on a recycling logo with shades of green": Craft an on-trend, eco-friendly logo or branding assets for sustainable businesses and initiatives.
  • "A whimsical mushroom house in the forest, with smoke swirling from the chimney": Bring storybook scenes and backgrounds to life through richly detailed illustrations ideal for animations aimed at children.
  • "A friendly robot character waving hello, with simplified shapes and bright colors": Design an approachable tech mascot that can be animated to guide users through product tours, tutorials, or educational content.

Empowering creators at every level

Overall, the plugin's native feel and compact design within Lottie Creator ensure a smooth, uninterrupted creative workflow⸺while also being designed for creators of all skill levels.

From a professional graphic designer looking for rapid prototyping to a UI/UX designer in need of quick and effective iconography, this tool empowers you to bring your visions to life with ease. Remember, the only limit is your imagination.