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By EVERFI team

EVERFI is building the missing learning layer, offering interactive educational courses on topics ranging from consumer finance, to health & wellness, to workplace training. Our courses rely on narrative and visual storytelling to provide context and ground the learning in real-world scenarios. In 2021 we began incorporating Lottie animation into our courses as a powerful tool to help effectively convey complex topics and concepts in an engaging and understandable way.

Why Lottie

Lottie is a JSON-based file format that enables developers to create and animate vector graphics. Using Lottie in EVERFI’s interactive courses allows us to create high-quality animations that are lightweight and efficient, meaning they can be used on any web or mobile platform without compromising performance. The animations also can be customized and edited to fit the variety of design styles present in courses across our diverse learner base. All these features make Lottie the perfect choice for EVERFI, supporting the creation of interactive learning experiences that are engaging and memorable for our audience.

How EVERFI uses Lottie

Some of our most effective uses of Lottie support fun and interactive moments of learning for students. In a course about recycling, learners are introduced to core concepts about recycling and sustainability, then challenged with an interactive simulation to make a series of choices representing real-world purchasing decisions. Through Lottie animations, we're able to provide visual feedback to reinforce the impact of their choices based on environmental impact.

In a personal finance course, we used Lottie to support students in learning about the technology, economics, and legal aspects of the complex topic of cryptocurrency. Through the course learners are tasked with researching different cryptocurrencies, and we employ Lottie to tell stories and simulate key aspects of the difficult to understand concepts. The simulation helps learners understand the important considerations associated with investing in cryptocurrency, and how to make informed decisions about their investments.

Our team uses tools like Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to create Lottie animations. LottieFiles houses the library shared and used by the larger, cross-functional EVERFI team for collaboration and review, and is the perfect tool for managing the hundreds of Lottie animations that we've created so far.

As designers, one of our tasks is to help bring nuance, personality, and life to our courses and Lottie offers an easy, cost-effective way to do just that. With the help of Lottie animation, our team gives learners a high quality and engaging learning experience without adding significant development cost. Special thanks to the EVERFI Product Design, Visual Design, and Animation teams and the hard work they do to create amazing experiences for all our learners.