By Razorpay design team

Razorpay has been revolutionizing the way money transactions are done online. Enabling a fast, affordable, and secure way to accept and disburse payments online has simplified money management for a wide range of organizations. Razorpay pays great attention to enriching the user experience, and Lottie has been pivotal in driving that forward. The team at Razorpay shared their experience of working with Lottie and how it smoothens their workflow. Here's what they had to say:

We launched Razorpay's mobile app, which accepts and manages payments. To make sure our users are up-to-speed on the app in no time, we wanted to nail the Onboarding and Discovery basis user's intent. In the transactional world of payments, we thought we could rely on engaging, immersive, and delightful interactions to educate users at scale.

But with great interactions comes great responsibilities. And the things that we wanted to also consider while adding for delight and engagement were optimizing file sizes and simplifying handoff to the development teams.

Then came Lottie!

We wanted to use Lottie to simplify animation handoff. So we communicated this to the developers before they started implementing the design to set up the Lottie player while coding.

With these animations, we were able to emphasize different aspects of the story while making the user discover the product. Adding motion at the end of a successful task doubled as feedback and added delight to the overall experience.

Lottiefiles are tiny in size, which helped us maintain the relatively smaller app size. Also, easy communication with developers about Lottie reduced the project's timelines. Moving forward, as new features come up in the app, designing and adding motion will be more accessible, as we have validated the Lottie, and it works perfectly for us.

Motion has a purpose; it's not just for delight.

Here are a few snippets from the journey; stay tuned for more. ❤️

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LottieFiles invites you to showcase your Lottie projects, apps, and websites.

Want to share how you #BuiltWithLottie?

LottieFiles invites you to showcase your Lottie projects, apps, and websites.