Collaborate with your team

The all-new LottieFiles blends right within your design workflow. It's your team's private collaborative workspace to jam on projects, invite feedback and seamlessly handoff to a developer – saving countless hours.

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Create your team or company’s workspace

LotteFiles’ workspaces work for teams of all sizes and across all org structures. They are unique, with dedicated admins, team members and permission settings for every project and role.

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Your personal workspace

This is your personal space for your private projects and animation assets that you’re not ready to share with others yet.

Version History Image

Version History

Track all changes by anyone on your team and restore an older animation version anytime. Create and save new versions on the LottieFiles platform or use LottieFiles for After Effects.

Most-used collaboration features

Animation Status Image

Animation Status

Change animation status during your review process from in-review to approved or work in progress.

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Invite comments or feedback from all relevant stakeholders before you ship an animation.

Team Action Notification Image

Team Action Notification

Get notified when feedback or comments are received. Notify others across teams when a new animation version is published.

Developer Handoff Image

Developer Handoff

LottieFiles makes implementing an animation the easiest task for any developer. The platform offers libraries for web, iOS, Android, and even a built-in CDN for hosting.

Advanced Search Image

Advanced Search

Your workflow comes with a powerful search that lets you search for the desired animation from private or team projects and collections.

Take private animations to Figma and Adobe XD  Image

Take private animations to Figma and Adobe XD

LottieFiles for Figma and XD plugins let you insert animations from your private or team's workspace in just a few clicks.

Bring the power of motion to your everyday designs

Invite your teammates, collaborate and handoff in lightning speed with an all-new LottieFiles.

How it works?

Create. Collaborate. Ship.

Effortlessly bring motion to your everyday designs.

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