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Bring the magic of motion to Adobe XD

LottieFiles for Adobe XD enhances your design workflow, saves you time, and creates an exceptional user experience like never before. You can add ready-to-use, high-quality Lottie animations and make your prototypes come alive.

Key Benefits

Umbrella Illustration

Immersive experience and realistic prototyping

Include motion in your design process and give life to your prototypes. Eliminate guesswork and collaborate more effectively.

Umbrella Illustration

The world's largest library of free Lottie animations

Access a vast library of ready-to-use, free Lottie animations right from within LottieFiles for Adobe XD. New animations are added every day by our ever-growing community of most talented creators from all over the world.

Umbrella Illustration

Bring your Animations from Adobe After Effects

LottieFiles for XD lets you take advantage of all your After Effects creations. You can access these creations through the previews tab on the plugin and bring them right to your Adobe XD artboard.

Key Features

Native Lottie support

Adobe XD artboard natively supports the Lottie file format. No need to convert them to a GIF or MP4.

Optimized keyword search

Search for Lotties based on specific keywords and get access to our massive library of Lottie animations.

Access your Private files

View all your Private Lottie files previewed on the web or across other LottieFiles plugins. All of this and much more right from within LottieFiles for Adobe XD.

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