LottieFiles for Adobe After Effects..

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How to get started

Download and install the plugin

Install LottieFiles Plugin using Anastasiy's Extension Manager for Mac / Windows.

Login to your LottieFiles account from within the plugin.

This will ensure all your private and public animation files from your account are synced.

Preview your Lottie animations instantly.

Watch your animation play exactly how it's supposed to right from within Adobe After Effects.

Test across web & mobile devices.

Preview your Lottie animation not just on web but also on all your mobile devices too.


What is a Lottie?
A Lottie file is a JSON-based animation file format that uses a textual, descriptive representation of the animation elements and movement towards a smaller file size and platform-independence, resolution independence and variable frame-rate during animation playback. Open-source and free Lottie players exist for the web, iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms.
How does the LottieFiles plugin differ from the Bodymovin plugin?
The LottieFiles Plugin implements all the Lottie generation features of Bodymovin. We have gone further by crafting an optimized instant preview and test-on-mobile devices workflow for a quicker,more efficient iteration cycle. We also made it super easy to upload and privately share your animation with others at different points in development and added tools and features such as changing background color, reviewing Lottie file size and render performance graphs.
What formats does the plugin support exporting as?
The LottieFiles plugin will export your animation as a Lottie file (Bodymovin JSON) and as a Telegram Sticker (TGS) file.
What does the previews tab in the plugin do?
The previews tab in the plugin allows you to view animations you’ve uploaded previously (both on LottieFiles on the web and via the plugin).
What does the explore tab in the plugin do?
Using the explore tab, you can browse and search through all the Lottie animations on LottieFiles right from within the plugin itself. After selecting an animation, you can download the Lottie file as well as its Adobe After Effects project (AEP) file.

Downloading the animation’s AEP file gives you the ability to redesign the animation and change the layers you want.
My animation isn’t playing, it’s just stuck on ‘rendering’.
Not to worry, there’s a simple solution for this. In Adobe After Effects, go to Preferences > Scripting & Expressions. Under Application Scripting, select Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network.
What does the LottieFiles plugin do?
The LottieFiles plugin converts your Adobe After Effects animation into a Lottie format file for use on the web and mobile. The plugin provides a smooth workflow for rapidly iterating on animations and testing feature support across different platforms.

The LottieFiles plugin also integrates tightly with LottieFiles, letting you upload, test and publish animations to share with the world as well as searching for Lottie animations and downloading their Adobe After Effects project files.
What file format does the plugin export my animation as?
The LottieFiles plugin will export your animation as a Lottie file.
Do I need to login to use the plugin?
Yes to use the plugin you need to sign into your LottieFiles account.
Can I preview animations for web and mobile straight from within the plugin?
Yes you can. For mobile, there are 2 ways to preview your animation.

1. You can scan the QR code generated after uploading the animation on your mobile device
2. If you have connected your device to the plugin (and you can connect multiple) you can just select to push it to that device and then you’ll be prompted with a notification to open your LottieFiles app on that device. Open it up and watch your animation play!
If you have multiple devices connected to the plugin you can choose to push the animation to either a select few or all your applications. This one click action can save you a lot of time when you’ve got a lot of devices to test on.