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LottieFiles x WordPress

Add free Lottie animations to your WordPress site with the LottieFiles for WordPress plugin -- even if you can't code or design.

The easiest way to add animation to WordPress

Animate your WordPress site in minutes

Add animation to your WordPress site in just a few clicks. No coding or design skills required.

Increase user engagement

Use the magic of motion design to engage users, boost conversions and deliver memorable web experiences.

Access the world’s largest free animation library

Search from thousands of free animations to add to your site. Animated user interface elements, characters, illustrations and more – it’s all here.

Why use Lottie animations?

Faster page load speeds Image

Faster page load speeds

Lotties are 600% smaller than GIFs. This means being able to animate your site – without slowing it down.

Stays sharp at any resolution Image

Stays sharp at any resolution

Lottie animations can be scaled up or down without pixelating. No matter the size, they always stay sharp.

Fits your brand’s visual identity Image

Fits your brand’s visual identity

Customize Lottie animations to fit any brand identity. It’s quick and easy with the free Lottie Editor.

Get started in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Add a new Lottie block

Install the LottieFiles for WordPress plugin. Then, in the WordPress Gutenberg editor, add a new block.

Step 2: Add the Lottie animation

Search for the "Lottie" block and insert it. Next, add a Lottie animation using the 'Discover animation, Media Library or Insert from URL.'

Step 3: Preview the Lottie animation

Once added, you'll see a preview in the Gutenberg editor, and you can adjust the animation settings in the right-hand panel.

How to use the LottieFiles for WordPress plugin

Ready to add motion to WordPress?

With the LottieFiles for WordPress plugin, adding animation is quick, easy and free.