Headspace embraces Lottie animations to bring a joyful and mindful experience to its users

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Written by Brian Lee of Headspace

When developing cross-platform motion graphics and animation, you’re saddled with a broad range of demands and constraints. These can be difficult to approach with confidence, knowing your work falls at the mercy of compression, responsive design, or unfamiliar authoring tools. Fortunately, working with Lottie clears these obstacles from my workflow.

Whether the in-app UI animations, browser-based accents, or ambient meditation backgrounds, the work I’ve developed for Headspace uses Lottie to ensure a seamless, reliable experience. This wouldn’t be as effortless with another format; I’ve come to depend on the quality and control Lottie affords. Knowing I have this capability allows me to deepen otherwise static graphics into moments of joy and mindful engagement. These injections of delight can be cumbersome in other formats—since file size, rendering speed, and ease of implementation factor heavily into whether features and animations make it into the app.

Lottie creation also seamlessly integrates with my Illustrator and After Effects workflow. I can work how I work best—using familiar tools with a pain-free export process. I waste no time tinkering with compression or adapting for the scalability needs of responsive design. With Lottie-based vector animation, I’m assured my work will display color correct, resolution independent, and with extremely small file sizes. All without compromise.

Since Lottie integrates swiftly with my workflow and has a small footprint, I can hash out and share ideas with my teams rapidly. The LottieFiles site and platform enable me to easily upload, troubleshoot, share previews, and gather feedback. When working with Headspace engineers and designers, I can try out a lot of ideas quickly and without compatibility worries. That kind of freedom keeps me creative—and leaves fewer ideas on the cutting room floor.

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