Our mission at LottieFiles is to bring Motion and animation to every design, app, website, and digital screen on the planet. As members of this growing community, we thank you for sharing this passion.

It's been an exciting year for motion design, and we want to celebrate some of our key highlights from the year and share them with you. We are so grateful to companies like Figma, Webflow, Adobe, Canva, and others for pushing Motion to mainstream and inspiring us to build for ease and scale.

We also express our immense gratitude to our 4.5+ million users and the entire Lottie community, made up of designers and developers like you. Your creations inspire us, and millions of users get joy from experiencing your designs and creations.

Finally, we thank the teams at over 250,000 companies worldwide that now use Lottie to build and push its use cases beyond imagination. Your support and enthusiasm for our mission mean the world to us.

Here are some key highlights from the year:

LottieFiles is now home to the world's most extensive free, ready-to-use animation library, thanks to the contributions of talented motion designers worldwide. In addition, we have now added features to help you customize these animations to match your brand colors with a few clicks and export them in various formats so you can use these high-quality animations everywhere. Export formats supported: Lottie, dotLottie, GIF, MP4, Transparent MOV & WebM.

Iconscout by LottieFiles now features over 5.3 million highly customizable icons, illustrations, and 3D illustrations. In addition, every asset comes with its source file, which further makes personalization much easier.

The LottieFiles mobile app has significantly transformed this year. The app is a motion canvas for mobile. It allows you to take advantage of our vast asset library, pre-set templates for greetings, social media, trending topics, and everyday use cases. In addition, you can build any creation using your motion library and easily export it to platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

LottieFiles Platform: In 2022, we unveiled a massive update to our platform featuring some of the most highly-anticipated features requested by our users. This update has everything from the Lottie Optimizer to team collaboration tools and a motion design workspace. The platform makes designing with Motion more efficient and intuitive for all stakeholders. Some top features include Lottie Optimizer, private sharing, commenting, version history, developer handoff, and much more.

Plugins and Integrations: We've added and improved plugins for various platforms, including Adobe After Effects, Adobe XD, Figma, WordPress, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Visual Studio Code. You can easily import your Lottie animations into your preferred design or development tools. Keep an eye out for more updates coming in Q1 2023 - we have some exciting surprises :)

Lottie Editor has been redesigned for you to make quick animation edits on the go. The updated editor packs faster performance and capabilities such as layer manipulation, text and image editing, and intuitive layer reordering. Save time by making minor edits without switching back to your creative tools.

The Lottie iOS and Android libraries; Open-source Lottie libraries saw massive updates from the team at Airbnb engineering. Huge credit to Cal and Gabe for improving player performance, adding the dotLottie support, and incorporating feature requests. Hernan is also working on performance enhancements for the Lottie web library. These updates will benefit developers using Lottie runtime on multiple platforms (coming early in 2023)

Lottie Docs: We've created an official Lottie guide to make the Lottie format more accessible to developers. This guide includes documentation, a schema, and tools to assist developers in working with the Lottie format.

Oh! and One more thing :)

We are thrilled to unveil the Lottie Creator, a revolutionary tool that simplifies the process of creating animations and massively reduces the learning curve required to create Motion graphics. The Lottie Creator comes with an easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls so that anyone can create stunning animations within their web browsers.

You can sign up for the waitlist here: https://lottiefiles.com/lottie-creator
Starting Jan 2023, we will begin onboarding users onto Lottie Creator, seek user feedback and release frequent updates to this highly anticipated Lottie Creator.

Thank you for creating joy with Motion
We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year 🙂
We Lottie you 💚

To honor the contributions of our community and showcase our featured releases for 2022, we created a  "Year in Motion". Check it out here.