Integrations & Plugins

We’ve created a unique set of editing and collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate with popular design softwares and developer environments such as Adobe After Effects, Figma, VS Code, and others.

A Lottie Viewer for every device.
Test and tweak animations on the go.

Lottie Viewer

Create Lottie animations

Creation made easy. You can now render a Lottie animation straight from popular creation tools.

Design with Lottie

Bring Lottie animations to your favourite screen design tools.

Lottie & no code

We've made implementing Lottie with no code, low code tools intuitive.

Productivity tools

Make your work come alive with stunning Lottie animations.

Lottie developer tools

Improve your workflow by bringing Lottie straight into your developer environment.

Lottie libraries

A complete ecosystem that powers this open-source motion standard across OS, devices and platforms.

Want to list your Lottie integrations?
LottieFiles invites you to bring motion to your products and services via Lottie.

Motion made simple.

Push your animation game to the next level.