Integrations & Plugins

We’ve created a unique set of editing and collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate with popular design softwares and developer environments such as Adobe After Effects, Figma, VS Code, and others.

A Lottie Viewer for every device.
Test and tweak animations on the go.

Lottie Viewer

Create Lottie animations

Creation made easy. You can now render a Lottie animation straight from popular creation tools.

Design with Lottie

Bring Lottie animations to your favourite screen design tools.

Lottie & no code

We've made implementing Lottie with no code, low code tools intuitive.

Lottie developer tools

Improve your workflow by bringing Lottie straight into your developer environment.

Lottie libraries

A complete ecosystem that powers this open-source motion standard across OS, devices and platforms.

Motion made simple.

Push your animation game to the next level.