Motion design is a storyteller.

It keeps you and your audiences engaged, and evokes more emotion than static images. That's why we aim to make motion design easy, no matter your design skills. And now, we’re bringing the power of motion creation to your mobile.

This year, we’ve released a ton of new features for the LottieFiles Mobile App. You can now create awesome animated content, edit and share them directly to your favorite social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram – or send them over to design tools like Canva or Adobe XD. Besides that, you’ll find tons of free animated stickers that you can add to messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp.

Here’s a rundown of these new features, and how to get started with motion design on your mobile.

Why create animated designs on your mobile?

Examples of animated designs you can create with the LottieFiles Mobile App

With just a few steps, you can add motion to your photos or designs without having to switch over to your desktop. But why make animated designs with the LottieFiles Mobile App? Here are a few reasons:

  • Design in minutes, anywhere: You don’t have to be a designer to use the LottieFiles Mobile App, nor do you have to spend hours on a design. Instead, you can bring motion to your social posts, videos and conversations – in minutes, while you’re on the go. Share them directly to social media, or export them as a GIF, MP4, dotLottie formats and more.
  • Engage audiences on social media: We know that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool to get audiences’ attention. With the LottieFiles Mobile App, you can engage your audience easily as it allows you to share animated creations on Instagram, TikTok or other social media platforms instantly. This is perfect when creating posts such as seasonal greetings, event invitations, daily content and so on. You can even personalize these animations to fit your brand colors.
  • It’s just plain fun: With thousands of free animations on LottieFiles, unleash your creativity and create something awesome to share with friends and family.

Now, let’s dive into all the cool new features of the LottieFiles Mobile App.

1. Create social media content from within the LottieFiles Mobile App

Adding animations to a photograph with the LottieFIles Mobile App

You can now create content – such as TikTok and Instagram stories, reels, videos and posts – from right within the LottieFiles Mobile App.

Start with a blank canvas, or use your own photo assets to overlay with Lottie animations. You can move, resize, rotate or delete animations. Then, share your creations directly to your social media platform or download them as MP4 videos to share them as attachments on other apps.

To know exactly how you can do this, read: How to Create Animated Instagram (IG) Stories and Reels with LottieFiles.

2. Export to your favorite design app

Export animations to Adobe XD

Need to design on the go? The LottieFiles Mobile App allows you to export Lottie animations to your favorite design apps, such as Adobe Express and Canva.

To do so, make sure you have the mobile version of your design app installed. Search for any Lottie animation on the LottieFiles Mobile App, download it as an MP4 video, then export it to Canva, Adobe Express or any other design tool that supports this format.

For step-by-step guides, check out:

3. Get free animated stickers for messaging apps

Add animated stickers to messaging apps

With every conversation you have on an instant messaging app, you’re bound to drop in a sticker to tell your tale with extra emotion - and nothing tells it better than animated stickers.

When you launch the LottieFiles Mobile App, you can browse through tons of free animated sticker packs. If you find something you like, add the entire sticker pack to messaging apps like Telegram or WhatsApp. You can also add individual animated stickers, giving you the freedom to build your own awesome collection.

Read How to Download Animated Stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram for a step-by-step guide.

4. Personalize any Lottie animation

Customize colors of Lottie animations

Need to edit a Lottie animation? You can customize Lottie animations from right within the LottieFiles Mobile App.

With the Color Palette feature, you can instantly apply new colors – use your own custom color palettes, or use one of our curated palettes. You can also change its background color, playback behavior and more.

5. Access your private animation library

Add animations to your private animation library

With the LottieFiles Mobile App, you can access your – or your team’s – private animations at any time. This means being able to customize these animations or create social media content when you’re on the go.

In addition, you can save the animations you find on the LottieFiles Mobile App into your private collections. Here’s a pro tip – create collections to organize animations by theme or use case. This makes your favorite animations easy to find when you need to use them!

And don’t forget these features you already love

Besides these new features, here’s what else you can do with the LottieFiles Mobile App:

  • Access to the world’s largest animation library on your mobile: You get full access to LottieFile’s community-contributed animations. These animations are free to use in commercial or personal projects.
  • Quickly preview and test: Test your animations, share them or export them as GIF, MP4, dotLottie file formats and more. When you’re using the LottieFiles platform, you can also scan a QR code to immediately preview a specific animation on your mobile.

Get started and download the LottieFiles Mobile App now

With these features, you now have the power to create social content, anytime, anywhere. Use the LottieFiles Mobile App to stay on track with your social media calendar, or even just to spice up your text conversations.

The LottieFiles Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices. Find it on Apple’s App Store, or Google Play Store. With that, we hope these new features inspire you to create more. Until then, happy designing!

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