By Vividbooks team

Vividbooks is a startup with one clear mission. We want to show kids the beauty of science and teach them with excitement—through augmented reality. We entertain, involve, and educate students about physics like no one before.

How does our app work?

It's super simple. Kids point their device at our printed worksheet, which includes a basic image—let's say a spacecraft. Their screen suddenly comes to life and stirs up the static image, often accompanied by sound and buttons, making the spacecraft launch and fly into space. With something like the human heart, their screen stirs up the static image and makes the heart pump blood.

We magically transform science topics into interactive animation, which is easier to understand than standard textbooks. Users then draw into their worksheet and fill it out with the new knowledge to verify what they have learned. Vividbooks help students visualize, discuss, and truly understand complex phenomena both in regular and online classes.

The role of Lottie

To produce this enlightening content, including interactive animation, we sought a tool that would allow us to make simple and small-sized file formats. Combining animation and augmented reality offered in a massive library of knowledge required compact solutions that would load fast. After discovering LottieFiles, it became the absolute backbone of our workflow.

We like it simple

For some, animating with the Lottie format can be a bit limiting. To us however, this simple animation layout is a benefit because it encourages us to keep our message straightforward. We avoid incorporating unnecessary effects which could make the experience incomprehensible. Clear explanations are what makes Vividbooks so awesome!

After successfully launching our product for schools, we started evolving a new one for parents and their kids. To see the magic yourself, just request the demo version of our prototype and try it by yourself.

Want to share how you #BuiltWithLottie?

LottieFiles invites you to showcase your Lottie projects, apps, and websites.

Want to share how you #BuiltWithLottie?

LottieFiles invites you to showcase your Lottie projects, apps, and websites.