Edit your Lottie animations

Personalize animations to your liking without learning the complexity of motion. Trusted by over a million non-motion designers, marketers and developers.

Our most-used editing features

Color Palette Image

Color Palette

Instantly change the colors of your Lottie animations or apply your custom colors to match your brand.

Replace layer color Image

Replace layer color

Change background colors and the colors of individual layers within your Lottie animations.

Update text layers Image

Update text layers

Update the text on any animation layer. Edit the text on Lottie animations to meet your needs.

Track version history Image

Track version history

Track all changes by anyone on your team and restore an older animation version anytime. Create and save new versions on the LottieFiles platform or use LottieFiles for After Effects.

Optimize a Lottie Image

Optimize a Lottie

LottieFiles significantly optimizes and reduces your animations’ file size and maintains your original Lottie animations for you to download anytime.

Lottie Play Segments Image

Lottie Play Segments

Change how Lottie animations should play when shipped. Adjust frame rate, dimensions, playback speed, looping, and more.

How to edit your Lottie animation?

Anyone can now edit Lottie animations

We’ve made it easy for non-motion designers and developers to make edits to Lottie animations without the need for any complex tools.

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