Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Greetings, I’m Adam, and I’m a self-taught-motion designer and Lottie wizard. I work full-time, specializing in Lottie animation and web development. Thanks to LottieFiles and my amazing clients, I started a small agency this year that provides design, web development, and animations, and I employed 6 Hungarian creatives. I am from a small town in eastern Hungary called Nyíregyháza. Because of the poor opportunities there, I moved to the capital and started to do small freelance projects. Five years later, I have clients from around the world, from huge fintech companies to promising SMEs. A fun fact is that I started using After Effects as early as eight years old to edit cool videos in which my friends and I do tricks with our bikes. Now I’m using it every day to create mind-blowing Lotties.

Why is creating your own animation so mind-blowing?

I came across a very inspiring quote about making animations which seems to be exceptionally true when one creates Lotties. “Working on Motion Graphics has made me realize how excessively long a second can be.” The devil is always in the details. I am a maximalist and like to spend hours on a three-second-long SVG animation. Take a look at a few of my works

How has using motion helped when making your client proposal?

With my agency, we provide website building from sketch to the live site in production. Motion design helps to stand out from others because we can breathe life into a static and boring website via Lottie. It is also more cost-effective for the client because it requires less time to make than creating an SVG animation with coding or using other libraries like GSAP.
Last but not least, what client can resist seeing an eye-candy Lottie about a similar software to theirs.

Tell us a little about how you leverage the LottieFiles platform to gain traction.

I receive quite a lot of inquiries all the time. Uploading my animations to LottieFiles made my life so much easier as this way, I don’t need to write proposals at all. Based on the animations I upload, my clients always have an exact idea of what they need when they contact me through LottieFiles.

In an emerging market like Hungary, motion design has so much potential. Tell us how you encourage your team to be a Lottie advocate like yourself.

The creatives I work with had prior motion design skills way before we started to work together, but they did not specialize in web animations. So I started to do little workshops for them and taught four motion designers to get their hands on Lottie and web animation. Now they work with me on several projects. I used to check Hungarian sites with Google inspector, and they are still using GIFs most of the time. As web animation is still in its infancy in our country, I think Lottie and web animation skills will soon be exceptionally useful here too.

Tell us something you wished you knew before embarking into the world of motion.

I wish I knew before that the animation size is crucial when you create it for the web, which makes the design process different. In the modern web, the more simple, the better.

It is crucial to make storyboards in advance for the client. You should only start to build the animation after the client’s approval. This saves a lot of time and energy because modifying animations can be a pain in the butt. You can use free design platforms like Figma.

And a simple one: don’t be afraid of creative blocks. If you have one, go outside for a bit

Do you have any advice for the motion community?

I would encourage all freelancers to upload their animations to LottieFiles. I get so many inquiries from this platform that I managed to turn my hobby into a full-time gig.