Brock Prescott

Tell us about yourself!

Hey! I’m Brock and I’m a Creative Technologist for Suzy. I’m usually designing and developing unique experiences by day and either teaching yoga or prepping my base for the blood moon horde in the game 7 Days to Die. Of course all of this with my pups by my side :)

What has your experience been like, when it comes to shaping the future of motion via community?

I have a unique opportunity with my role. I get to address business or technology focuses, research and create dynamic solutions on web, iOS and Android. I’ve been working with Lottie to help shape our platform’s security engine and using Lottie’s different implementations to make the animation dynamic and interactive with our users.

I’m hoping to help expand the possibilities of what motion can do in our digital world, such as creating a deeper level of user experience (UX) on current and new technologies where motion design can make that critical difference and Lottie has changed the game in how we can create amazing possibilities for motion design and development.

"Does it fit?" animation by Brock Prescott

How did LottieFiles inspire you to do what you believe in? And how did you use LottieFiles to support what you do?

When I first began researching and learning about Lottie as an animation framework for my role at work, I quickly ran across LottieFiles as the de facto destination to understand, inspire and use as a primary resource through my journey of learning Lottie.

LottieFiles’ animation gallery of amazing creators really inspired me to tinker and try some unique effects that helped bring the animations I was working on to a much more refined level. Another critical part of LottieFiles for me was the educational blog posts. I cannot give enough praise to how many moments where I was stuck, trying to understand one key part of the anatomy of a Lottie animation that the LottieFiles blog post came to the rescue! One of the best parts of being a Lottie Evangelist is I now get to help build and grow this amazing resource that has helped me so much on my journey and pay that forward to other creators.

How do you plan to help the upcoming generation to succeed in the world of animation?

I really want to expand the understanding and the possibilities of where animations can be implemented, dynamically updated and with the increased adoption of VR and AR, animations are going to be the key for some amazingly deep immersions into everything from marketing/advertising to app retention by enhancing the UX to bring more delight to each app feature.

Imagine walking past a poster for Encanto and when you point your phone to it, the characters come to life and take the selfie with you, that would be cool! I plan to share that knowledge as I move through my journey to help (hopefully) inspire and pass that knowledge and possibilities to the next generation of digital creators.

"Penrose Triangle" animation by Brock Prescott

What do you wish you knew before embarking into the world of motion?

The community! As I was going through the many days of multiple coffees, scratching my head trying to solve a problem either in After Effects, Figma or whichever code editor I was in at the moment, I wish I knew about the community of motion designers that I could reach back to. I assumed that there was a community out there, but it felt like it was in hiding a bit and now after I’ve been in this world for a little while, I can happily say that the community of motion design, regardless of what field you are working in to use motion, we bring delight and enhance our world and those who experience what we put out there.

"Play + Pause" animation by Brock Prescott

Do you have any advice for the motion community?

Never stop learning and asking questions. I didn’t know what was possible with Lottie when I first began, but there is always an avenue for something unique, creative and innovative right around the corner. Trust in the community, yourself and don’t feel bad about asking for help or advice, together we can bring the next era of motion design and technology to the world!