Emails for a long time have been an essential tool for businesses of all scales to communicate and connect with their existing and prospective customers. Email Marketing is a vital stream of marketing. They are a great way to showcase products and services, and share updates about the company and future releases to keep the customers engaged and win their trust.

But email marketing can soon turn to spamming and make customers lose interest and trust if not done the right way. The key to successful email marketing is personalization.

Yes or No animation by Jozef The Artist

Why is email marketing a must in your marketing strategy?

  • It is easy, effective, and inexpensive. Costing almost nothing, it is one of the channels with the highest RoI.
  • It is customizable as per each segment of the audience. A tailored message will always have a higher possibility of catching the customer's interest.
  • Emails have an explicit action that it wants the reader to do. Whether it is to sign up, subscribe, or anything else. It is well defined.
  • The success of email campaigns is measurable. Every metric can be monitored to identify what's working and not in your email campaigns.

While emails are a powerful tool of marketing in itself, it's effectiveness can be grown multiple times with the use of motion. There is no doubt that motion is the best way to catch the reader's eye. Anything that moves is always more attractive than something static. Motion in emails is a great way to emphasize a particular message and lead to higher conversions.

Lottie animations are synonymous with high quality and engaging motion design, and LottieFiles is making motion design easier and accessible for everyone. If you as a marketer feel hesitant and think the process to include motion in your emails is complex, and the learning curve is too steep, let us assure you it is not.

Email Sent animation by Felix Ferdinand

Here is a quick tutorial to include motion in your email and boost your email marketing to the next level.

Add motion to your emails

We are using the Designmodo tool to draft this email, but you can apply the same for any other tool to compose your emails.

  • Start by creating an email template to suit your requirements. This would include laying the texts, CTA, and additional images.
Create an email template to suit your requirements
  • Once you have the base ready, it's time to add some motion to your email. Visit and access the FREE and ready-to-use Lottie animation library.
Access the FREE and ready-to-use Lottie animation library on
  • Search for the desired animation, and once you have found it, download it as a GIF.
Search for the desired animation and download as GIF
  • In your email creation tool, import the GIF you just downloaded
Import the GIF you just downloaded into you email creation tool
  • Viola, your email now has animation into it!
You have added motion to your email
  • Once you are satisfied with the draft, export this email as a ZIP file
Export the email as a ZIP file
  • You will get an HTML file, which you can copy and paste into an email sending tool of your choice.
Copy and paste the HTML file into an email sending tool of your choice

Now that you know how simple it is to create stunning emails with motion design, what are you waiting for? Create highly engaging emails with motion design and boost your business manifolds.

LottieFiles, with its tools and asset libraries, enables users to create highly engaging and beautiful designs and use them across mediums. Together, let's get things moving.