Want to level up your messaging game? Here’s how to download animated stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram with the LottieFiles Mobile App. It’s free, quick and super fun.

What are WhatsApp and Telegram stickers?

In case you aren’t familiar, many messaging apps offer the ability to send stickers as messages. Think of stickers as more interesting emojis – they can be created, customized, and can be static or animated. WhatsApp and Telegram come with a limited seat of default stickers – to get more, you can download them from third-party apps like the LottieFiles Mobile App.

WhatsApp stickers use the .webp extension, which is a lightweight, modern file format for images. On the other hand, the .tgs exension is used specifically for animated Telegram stickers. This can be helpful to know if you’re downloading stickers from other platforms. But don’t worry – with the LottieFiles Mobile App, you can directly download stickers to WhatsApp and Telegram without wrangling with file formats.

How to download animated stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram

1. Install the LottieFiles Mobile App

Download the app for free by scanning the QR code below, or heading to the LottieFiles Mobile App page.

Download the LottieFiles Mobile App

2. Find a sticker pack

It’s easy to download animated stickers for Telegram and WhatsApp – just find them on the LottieFiles Mobile App.

Access sticker packs on the LottieFiles Mobile App
  • Run the LottieFiles Mobile App.
  • Tap the Stickers section to browse the available sticker packs.

3. Add the animated sticker pack to WhatsApp or Telegram

If you’d like to add individual WhatsApp stickers or Telegram stickers, skip right on to the next step. But if you’d like to add an entire sticker pack, here’s what you can do.

Add sticker packs through the LottieFiles Mobile App
  • Tap Add next to the sticker pack’s name.
  • Choose WhatsApp or Telegram.

4. Add individual animated stickers to WhatsApp or Telegram

Add individual stickers to WhatsApp or Telegram
  • From the list of stickers, tap into the sticker pack.
  • Tap Select stickers and select the stickers you’d like to add.
  • Tap on the share icon and choose WhatsApp or Telegram.

5. Enjoy your new stickers!

Your new stickers have been added to WhatsApp or Telegram.

Choosing animated stickers in WhatsApp

To access your WhatsApp stickers, click on the emoji icon.

Choosing animated stickers in Telegram

To access your Telegram stickers, click on the stickers icon.

What else can you do with Lottie animations?

Lottie animations are a fun way to send interesting messages to friends and family – but that’s not all you can do with them. With the LottieFiles Mobile App, you can directly send animations to design tools like Adobe Express and Canva to create social media or marketing content on the go.

If you prefer to create content on your desktop instead, here’s how to add animation to your favorite no-code tools, to websites with HTML or even with full-fledged design tools like Adobe XD or Figma. Need inspiration? Check out how brands like Disney, Duolingo and Razorpay are building with Lottie. So go on and make motion magic with Lottie!

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