Lottie's latest tech upgrade, the EMBED feature, will now enable designers, creators & businesses to multi-layer their work with exciting animations.

Everybody loves animation, be it food ordering pages, delivery apps, emails, or social media platforms. We have all come across Lottie animations somehow or the other, and let's agree, this has enhanced our user experience and kept us more engaged!

Today, brands and businesses alike want new ways of interacting with their customers. Lottie has given a 360-degree spin to the usage of 'still images' in customer experience journeys when it comes to animation.

We strive to bring Lottie animations to every digital platform possible! Our new 'Embed' feature brings Lottie to 25,000+ everyday design tools and productivity platforms like Notion, Medium, Ghost, Reddit, WordPress, and many others.

Embed Feature Launch

You can now animate your work and enhance your customer journey experience with a simple click! Here is how:

Some of the daily tools you use are 3rd party platforms that support open-source tech stack tools like Embed.ly and Iframely. With these embedding tools, you can insert LottieFiles animations into your everyday work and bring them to life. Find out all the sites that support the embedding of LottieFiles here:

If you are looking for free high-quality motion designs, browse from thousands of animations at LottieFiles featured section here - All free to embed!

How does Lottie file format impact your team's workflow?

The majority of popular apps are using the Lottie file format for motion graphics due to its humbling value propositions like:

  • Rich and smooth animation
  • Lightweight size (600% smaller than GIFs)
  • No Code testing tool for all devices (web, iOS, Android), ensuring your animations work perfectly on all platforms

With these benefits, Lottie is increasingly becoming a standard for animations across different platforms and applications.

For brands & creators, this enhanced user experience & interaction resulted in LottieFiles gaining tremendous organic adoption amongst the design community, leading to a boost in animations for brands.

Happy excited heart Lotte animation by Jasmin

How To Embed LottieFiles on Notion?

Step 1: Visit lottiefiles.com and either sign in or register.

Step 2: Copy the URL from either the address bar or the link under the 'embed' section.

Step 3: Click 'embed' on your document or webpage, and paste the link you just copied.

And, voila!

Lottie is committed to equipping the design community with the right tools and most straightforward processes to streamline their animation creation and implementation process and make Lottie a breeze to use.

We have created some very helpful tools like the SVG to Lottie Converter and Lottie to GIF Converter and plugin features for specific platforms like Adobe After Effects, Figma, and more, to make Lottie accessible for all!

Lastly, did you know that Lottie is used by the world's most unique, creatively driven, and user experience-focused brands like Google, TikTok, Disney, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, and more?

All of this wouldn't have been possible without our passionate and humble team and a strong, ever-growing design community of creators who are graciously contributing these animations, which are made accessible through our platform to our users for free!

We are genuinely grateful to the community for LottieFiles is now the largest platform with over 42K public animation. We aspire to change the entire animation design workflow, and together, we will!

Happy animating!

Much love,
Team Lottie