Your official guide to Lottie

Everything you need to know to get started

A Lottie is an open-source text and vector-based file format that is easy to ship. Its cross-platform capabilities, tiny file size, and scriptable and interactive nature make it popular with designers and developers.

Escape the code jungle

Designers and developers can now save weeks by not having to code motion graphics individually for each platform. You can customize animations even after they have been rendered, and it is one single asset file to maintain that works everywhere.

Meet Lottie

600% smaller, <br/> 10x faster to ship

600% smaller,
10x faster to ship

Lottie is tiny when compared to GIF and PNG sequences, and it does not pixelate.

Our open source Web Player lets you copy code and embed Lottie across your website, WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, etc.

Resolution independent, scalable, and interactive

Resolution independent, scalable, and interactive

Lottie is text and vector-based, so no matter how big you scale it, it’ll never pixelate on any device. You can use the Lottie Interactivity Library to make your animations come alive.

Multi-platform support and libraries

Multi-platform support and libraries

For all developers out there, Lottie handoffs are super easy. Be it Web, iOS, or Android, Lottie Libraries have got you covered.

Add delight to your designs

Add delight to your designs

Motion evokes emotion. It humanizes your app or website, adds empathetic experiences that entertain and engage. Lottie is the easiest way to bring motion to your apps and platforms.

How to use Lottie?

Create a Lottie

Create a Lottie

The LottieFiles AE plugin lets you render, test, and share a Lottie right from within After Effects.

Preview a Lottie

Preview a Lottie

Preview and test Lottie animations across devices without writing a single line of code with Lottie Preview.

Edit a Lottie

Edit a Lottie

With our online Lottie Editor, you can customize any Lottie animation within minutes without the steep learning curve.

Search through thousands of open animations

Search through thousands of open animations

LottieFiles is home to the largest repository of free Lottie animations. If you can dream it, you can create it with Lottie.

Some of the best examples

We handpicked a few use cases that inspired us and demonstrated the real power of Lottie.

Create intuitive product walkthroughs


Build interactive infographics for your online publications and articles

The Guardian

Add animated reactions to social media & video platforms


Use scalable animated stickers in messaging apps


Create lightweight animations for smartwatches, TV, and appliances


Add delight to your digital experiences with motion


World of Lottie

Lottie works on any device and easily integrates with the tools you already use. Do your best work in less time with less hassle.

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