The 6 Loading Circles - Model 22G (Iphone 12 Colors)

*** New! Inspired by the new Iphone 12 Colors ***/

This fully customizable animation will let you change its colors and layer visibility without using After Effects or any other paid software. All you need to do is to upload the .json file included in the package in the Lottie Editor at and edit them directly.

Want to try it? Feel free to download this freebie from my profile ( and see how easy it is.

More specifically, you can edit:

  • Layers Visibility
  • Layers Colors
  • Background Color
  • Playback Speed
  • Frame rate (the default is 60 fps)

For more advanced customizations, you will need the After Effects file (.ae), also included in the package. All the layers in this file are already converted in ""Shape Layers"" making the animation lightweight and very easy to work with. Of course, you would need some basic After Effects knowledge if you have some specific needs, and I would recommend you to watch some basic tutorials from youtube.

-->Tip! Just by pressing the ""U"" key in After Effects, you will open all the animated keyframes and be already able to move them around in no time.

The package includes:

  • Lottie .json File
  • After Effects (.ae) file
  • Video Preview (.mp4 file)

Animation ID: LC6_22_G_NT_L Total Duration: 5 seconds (Active Animation: 5 seconds) Loop: Yes.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me at, and I will try my best to answer Mon-Fri.

--> Second Tip! All Lottie animations can be easily published from the phone to any social as .gif or .mp4 files completely free, without paid software. If you don't know how, drop me a line at

1 year ago
  • Bodymovin Version: 5.6.10
  • Resolution: 1024 x 1024
  • Filesize: 10.52 KB ( 6 layers )
  • Colors
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