Design has never just been about aesthetics. Motion in design is the key to delightful user interfaces and visual storytelling in a human-centered design approach. Elements of motion transform content into a satisfying experience by making it more engaging and relatable. Incorporating motion in icons, illustrations, text, or logos (to name a few) creates smoother navigation, enhances user engagement, and delivers feedback.

What does motion in design drive?

  • Grabs attention quickly: The human brain can process visual data 60,000 times faster than textual data. And even when it comes to visuals, visuals in motion are far more effective than static visuals.
  • Simplifies complex concepts: Numbers and terms no longer have to be boring! Motion design condenses the information and helps present complex information to users more digestibly, facilitating its visualization.
  • Builds unique brand identity: Users seek an interactive and immersive experience, something challenging to achieve with static designs. Motion design supports users' imagination about how a system runs and how they can interact with it.
  • Evokes emotions: Emotional connection strengthens a user's trust for a brand and helps generate sales and more business with time. Motion in design is a powerful tool to connect emotionally with the users.
  • Offers an exceptional user experience: Users seek an interactive and immersive experience, something challenging to achieve with static designs. Motion design supports users' imagination about how a system runs and how they can interact with it.

Why is motion in design important to marketers?

In an organization, a marketer wears many caps, from proposing products and services to clients to developing brand awareness and sales. Most businesses are online today, and the importance of engaging with the audience is immense. Highly engaging content leads to more subscribers and a better brand positioning. And what's better than motion in design to create highly engaging content across platforms.

A marketer conceptualizes and creates various marketing content and collateral to drive the marketing strategy. These content and collateral must align with the marketing goals and drive the desired output. Ensuring that they are of high impact is very important. The various mediums to reach audiences to create brand awareness and inform about the products and services are social media posts, emails, presentations, to name a few. And adding motion to them can boost their effectiveness significantly.

However, marketers have often thought that this would be very difficult to do or would lead to the dependency of the designers and developers. We've put together a quick video to show you just how easy adding motion to your ideas can be. And the returns are truly exponential. You can take our word for that.

The DIY Motion for Marketers series is here to debunk all that and show you how a marketer can add zing to their marketing content with motion!

Adding motion to presentations:

A beautiful and engaging presentation goes a long way in creating a fantastic user experience, even before a potential client has used the product or service. An engrossing pitch is already as good as half the job done. If you're a marketer who wants to create presentations that convert and land deals, you must read DIY Motion for Marketers: Lottie in Presentations.

Add motion to your presentations with LottieFiles

Adding motion to emails:

Email Marketing is a vital stream of marketing, and is emails are one of the best tools to communicate and connect with existing and prospective customers. The key to successful email marketing is personalization. Adding motion to emails helps emphasize messaging and overall effectiveness. But emails don't have to be boring or static. We've put together DIY Motion for Marketers: Lottie in Emails for all our marketer friends to help them create emails with high CTRs and conversions.

Add motion to your emails with LottieFiles

Adding motion to social media posts:

With time, the platforms for marketing have evolved, and in the digital age, social media has become one of the crucial pillars of marketing. As one of the fastest-growing digital advertising and branding tools, social media can be a complete game-changer for your brand if tapped correctly. And adding motion can help create scroll-stopping posts! But you need not be a designer to create that. Our DIY Motion for Marketers: Lottie in Social Media will tell you how.

Add motion to your social media posts with LottieFiles

LottieFiles, with its tools and asset libraries, envisions making motion design accessible to all. It enables users to create highly engaging and beautiful designs and use them across mediums. So sprinkle some animation magic into your content and shift from static to motion. Create magical experiences for your users by yourself with ease.